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Baseus Waterproof Bag for mobile phones


Baseus Waterproof Bag for mobile phones

Baseus IPX8 Cushion Waterproof Fingerprint Identification Bag with Strap for iPhone Samsung Huawei etc.

The body part is made of environmental PVC material, allows touch screen function fully available. High quality and tough ABS seal system ensures good waterproof function. Transparent design, you are capable of taking photos with camera underwater or using the mobile phone on raining days. Suitable for all kind of outdoor activities: Boating, Fishing, Sailing, Canoeing, Water-Theme Park, Camping, Mountain Climbing, Off-shore work, Raining days outdoor work etc.

  • Overall surrounding airbag, drop-resistant and able to float in water

  • High level of water tightness that allows you to enjoy water activities freely

  • IPX8 waterproof, full-screen touch, high temperature and cold resistant

  • With neck strap design for easy carrying

  • Safe buckle design to protect your phone

  • High quality ABS seamless splicing, effective fit without water immersion

  • PVC full screen allow you to operate your phone under water


  • Material: PVC+ABS

  • Outer size: 210 x 110mm

Compatible with:

  • iPhone, Samsung, Huawei etc. smartphones under 6 inches

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  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 210.00cm x 110.00cm x 0.00cm
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